PartySwap Introduction 🎊

Welcome to the biggest party yet!

What is PartySwap?

PartySwap is an application focused on bringing liquidity to the Avalanche Ecosystem through different activities. First off, our platform will initiate with an AMM (Automated Market Maker), relaying on supporting various projects from the Avalanche Network, initially listing them as pairs in our reward pools. The token distributed as a reward in our platform will be known as $PARTY.

Phase two of our platform development focuses on improving and bringing the applications that will increase the utility of the $PARTY token. We plan to develop different games that rely on our token to operate, creating ways to earn more money by playing and betting between users.

In the future, we plan to integrate a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and a subnet in the Avalanche Network, mainly centered on bringing a more decentralized approach into the decision-making of our project and increasing the development possibilities.

We have provided details regarding the functionality and technical aspects of our products, along with some tutorials.

Explore the links below to interact with our products:

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