Jacuzzis 🏄‍♀️

Jacuzzis are our single-sided pools, where people can stake $PARTY tokens to earn more $PARTYs!

What's the Jacuzzi?

The Jacuzzi is our single-sided pool, where people can stake their $PARTY tokens to get even more coins over time. Right now, users can stake $PARTY to get even more $PARTY, but in the future, we might implement other coins as rewards.

What's the trick behind it?

Like the Nests on PenguinFinance, the Jacuzzi will let users inject $PARTYs to get xPARTYs. These xPARTY tokens are our Jacuzzi LP Tokens that are projected to increase in value against $PARTY over time, bringing more rewards to our users by the moment they decide to get out of the pool.
As we mentioned in our Tokenomics V2 article, 30% of our Liquidity Mining coins will be used as incentives for the Jacuzzi. That means our team will daily inject more $PARTY tokens into the pool to increase the ratio between $PARTY and xPARTY.
To make it easier to understand: every moment we inject our daily incentives into the Jacuzzi, more $PARTY tokens will be distributed among our Jacuzzi stakeholders. However, we will develop different applications in the future that will bring more $PARTY tokens into the Jacuzzi, increasing the ratio between $PARTY and xPARTY We will provide more information about these applications in the future.

How many tokes will our team inject per day?

Our team will provide 32,900 $PARTYs per day for our Jacuzzi, which will halve every six months. As we explained before, we will take these tokens from the Liquidity Mining allocation, totalizing 20,625,000 $PARTY tokens.

What's the Paper Hands Penalty?

Our Jacuzzi will also have the famous "Paper Hands Penalty" (PHP) introduced by PenguinFinance, which will sanction the users that stake off early. This system will incentivize users to stake longer, steadily increasing and maintaining the ratio between $PARTY and xPARTY.
However, our system has different rules. In our case, the penalty will decrease by around ~1.5% every month until it reaches 2%, for the next twelve months after our platform release. Here is a calendar with the timeline of each percentage drop. It is also important to mention that the penalty fees will get burned, so the total supply decreases every time a user leaves the pool.