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Have a look to the code and the smart contracts powering PartySwap!

Our code and contracts

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  • $PARTY Token: 0x69A61f38Df59CBB51962E69C54D39184E21C27Ec

  • Factory: 0x58A08bc28f3E8dab8Fb2773D8f243bC740398b09

  • Periphery: 0xff164Ede3E7C375E8764E9e3a22D3E35F780EEBC

  • PiΓ±atas Treasury Vester: 0xe193DeEC5FcA8D8cF4f9208599C569EaE4e57243

  • PiΓ±atas Liquidity Manager: 0x5a04d600B6a5B2D89946e839A9Af2f8BE11A1955

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