How to transfer Dogecoin to the Avalanche Network 🐢

Do you want to transfer Doge coins to the Avalanche Network? Here are the steps to follow.

Welcome, #PartySquad. In this tutorial, we are diving into how to transfer Doge Coins to the Avalanche Network, to inject liquidity in our pools!

First off: Learn how to connect your Metamask wallet to the Avalanche Network

Go to the Ren Bridge Website and select DOGE as the asset you want to send, then choose Avalanche as the Network destination, now you can press the "Next" button.

The next page displays the fees for using the bridge (.15%) and prompts you to acknowledge that there are fees and that a small amount of AVAX is required after the transfer for transaction fees. Check the box and click to see your Doge Gateway address.

The next page is a warning that you have 27 hours to complete the transaction and mint your renDOGE on the Avalanche Network. Agree and continue.

The next page displays your DOGE gateway address. Send your DOGE to this address to begin the wrapping process.

Once your transaction is detected, you will see a window with the number of confirmations completed out of the 50 confirmations to receive your bridged renDOGE. This will take an estimated time of about 50 minutes.

After the 50 confirmations, a β€œmint renDOGE” button will appear, press it (you will need a tiny amount of AVAX for the transaction fee). The renDOGE will show up in your Metamask Wallet.

Congratulations! Now you can use your DOGE on PartySwap!

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