Liquidity Pools

Learn how to add liquidity! ⤵️

How do I provide Liquidity on PartySwap's Piñatas (Liquidity Pools)?

Making trades fun and easy is one of PartySwap's fundamentals, so we will briefly explain how you can provide Liquidity in our Piñatas!

  1. Select the Piñata in which you want to provide Liquidity in the "Piñatas" section.

  2. Click "Deposit" on your desired pair.

3. In this case, we chose the AVAX-PARTY Piñata, now click on "Add AVAX-PARTY Liquidity."

4. Determine the ratio of the Liquidity you want to deposit on the Piñata, then click the "Approve PARTY" button and confirm the transaction on your Wallet.

5. After this, you can click "Supply," confirm the transaction and the job's done! You will receive xPARTY tokens in return, which represent your share in the Piñata and its rewards.

Creating a New Pair.

If the token pair you want to provide Liquidity with does not have a pair yet, you can create it! Provide both tokens in an equal amount, and there you go. Since you are the first liquidity provider, you can set the initial exchange ratio/price of the tokens (if, again, the pair does not exist yet on PartySwap). Anyways, this will quickly correct itself through organic arbitrage and by more liquidity providers that jump into it.

Managing Liquidity.

Now that you have joined the party by providing liquidity on our piñatas, you can check and manage your position in the pool every time you want.

By clicking on "manage," you can see your pooled tokens and your pool share on the piñata. In case you want to remove your liquidity, you can do it following the next steps:

  • Click on "Manage."

  • Select "Remove."

  • Select the amount of the pool share you want to remove (any percentage you choose is valid.)

  • Click on "Approve" and "Remove."

  • Click on confirm and proceed to authorize the transaction in your Wallet.

If you want to add more liquidity into a pool you're already in you can

  • Click on "Manage."

  • Select "Add."

  • Select the amount of the tokens you want to add (the ratio will be calculated automatically between the pairs.)

  • Click "Supply"

  • Click on confirm and proceed to authorize the transaction in your Wallet.

  • You're good to go now! Enjoy the pools!

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