Learn how to earn $PARTY in our platform! ⚡️

How do I earn $PARTY using the platform?

You can earn $PARTY by doing Yield Farming with your Liquidity Provider tokens and staking through our Single-Sided Pools (Better known as Jacuzzis in our platform.) We will add more ways to earn PARTY in the future, so please stay alert on our social media to keep you updated.

Earn PARTY through Yield Farming.

To earn PARTY by doing Yield Farming, you must be a Liquidity Provider in one of our Reward Pools (Pinatas.) You can check here the full list of the pairs we currently have rewards for: https://app.partyswap.io/#/party/1

After you provide liquidity in one of our pools you'll receive xPARTY, the Liquidity Provider Token of the platform. Note: The xPARTY Token is different in each pool and it's not the same Token of the 'Jacuzzis'

To receive PARTY rewards from Yield Farming in PartySwap you will need to find the Pinata you're participating in and deposit your Liquidity Provider Tokens (xPARTY.)

Select the pool, click "Add Liquidity" and Deposit your desired amount of xPARTY.

Click Approve and Deposit and confirm the transactions in your Wallet.

You're ready to party with us and receive your PARTY rewards.

Claiming your PARTY rewards.

To collect your Yield Farming Rewards you will need to claim them by "breaking" our 'Pinatas.' You can claim your rewards by selecting the 'Pinata' you're participating in and clicking "Manage"

You can click "Claim" to claim your rewards without taking your Liquidity Provider Tokens out of the pool or "Withdraw" to claim your rewards and your Liquidity Provider Tokens out of the pool at the same time.

After this, you will need to confirm the transaction in your Wallet and you're good to go!

Nice Farming!


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