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Check out our NFT collection litepaper! ➑️


Each Avatar in the PartySwap NFT collection was carefully and lovingly crafted by our team of creative designers. Each one was randomly generated and rendered algorithmically from various assets that our 3D artist modeled. They will have certain rarities, which we will describe in more detail below, but to summarize, there will be four tiers of rarities featured in the collection. In addition, each Avatar in the collection will feature unique colorful, and funny variations and none of them will look similar to another!

These NFTs are packed with excellent features, such as PARTY buyback and reflections to NFT minters. These features will add value to our platform token with a large amount of AVAX repurchasing PARTY and sending them to our Jacuzzi; amazing, isn't it? Well, we can't leave aside the NFT reflections, which will give back a percentage of the minting fees to the original NFT minters.

The minting price will be fixed at 2 AVAX for each NFT from the collection. In the beginning, we will drop only the first two characters, Bunny and Bonnie. But in the future, we will drop the rest of the collection, featuring the rest of the PartySwap main characters.


The tokenomics of our collection can be summarized as follows:

The 40% of the collection's minting fees will be allocated for the benefit of the platform and our users as follows:

  • 25% of the AVAX collected from the minting of the NFTs will be sent to a contract that will buy PARTY automatically and send them to the Jacuzzi, increasing the ratio between PARTY and xPARTY, benefiting the Jacuzzi stakeholders.

  • Another 15% will be allocated for reflectionary rewards for the original minters of the collection. Every time one of the NFTs in the collection is minted, 15% of its cost will be sent in its determined shares to a contract where the original minters will be able to claim the rewards whenever they prefer to.

If you get early before other minters, you will be rewarded by the percentage of minting fees returned to the original minters in the collection. In addition, you will also be awarded for participating in the project by providing liquidity in our Jacuzzi, which will receive a big boost in its ratio thanks to the buyback mechanism applied to the collection.

This mechanism will also help to increase the price of $PARTY because a large portion of the AVAX collected from the minting fees will buy PARTY back, causing a highly expected price increase by many of our users.

By minting one of the NFTs, you will not only have a nice avatar ready to party, but you will also contribute to the growth of the entire financial ecosystem of the platform.


Since we want to reward some of our current supporters, we will make an Airdrop to some valued members of our community. The criteria to receive our NFT Airdrop is to have provided at least $300 of liquidity on our platform using $PARTY before November 30th, 2021 (It applies to $PARTY PiΓ±ata Pairs and our Jacuzzi).

We will soon provide more details on how to claim the Airdrop for the eligible addresses. Keep an eye for announcements through our social media channels.

Traits and Rarities

Each PartySwap character has four traits with different accessories inside each category. They will give each avatar in our NFT collection all the amazing mutations.

  • Vanilla Traits: Chest Piece 11 Eye Piece 11 Head Piece 9

  • Special Neck Pieces: Neck Piece 4

  • Unique Costumes: Costumes 8

From all these traits, a total of 1,616 combinations will be created for each character, giving place to the following mutations and rarities:

  • 1,320 Common Vanilla Traits (81.68%)

  • 256 Rare Vanilla Traits with Neck Piece (15.84%)

  • 32 Epic Costumes with Neck Piece (1.98%)

  • 8 Legendary OG Costumes (0.49%)

We plan to release Bunny (PartyBoss) and Bonnie NFT collections for launch. That means a total of 3,232 NFTs will be available on day one. In the future, we plan to release more characters, with Tyler and PartyBara planned for the next batch. (Learn more about PartySwap characters here).

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