Our brand πŸ’œ

If you want to know more about our brand, this is the right place for you!

We want to start explaining the origin of our logo first. We wanted to make a brand that stands out because it feels fun to explore, and we thought that a party theme was cool enough to use and play around with. After brainstorming, we realize that one of the most remarkable things in parties are piΓ±atas (or pinatas), which are more correlated to Mexican and Latin American culture.

We felt we could play around with this concept, creating fun ways to mix the tokens minting with the piΓ±atas usage. In addition, we thought that having a list of piΓ±atas as our farming menu would be fun and interactive to explore; we wanted to make our users feel like they were picking the piΓ±ata they want to break and get the coins from it.

So after playing around with these concepts, we conclude we wanted to make our brand based on the piΓ±atas themselves. So after various ideas, we finally got this as our final result.

PartySwap Characters

A party is no fun without people, right?! So we needed to create our party crew. We thought that having ordinary people around in our brand would make it boring, humans are not so fun to design at all, and it doesn't dive much creativity. After getting to this conclusion, we thought that having animals as our party crew members were the best idea for the brand. It adds fun and originality, and ironically, it follows the AVAX tradition to use animals for application brands.

After days of work, we finally had our characters designed, with more coming soon; this is not, by any means, the end of our creative work.

Welcome our PartySwap characters!

Branding colors

If you ever need to play around with our brand for any announcement news or marketing material, you can always consider our brand colors! Of course, you could also use them for fan-made material; we always welcome our fan creations.

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