$PARTY Token 🟣

Do you need our token specifications? Here you can find all the essential information about it.

The token given as a reward for injecting liquidity into PartySwap is known as "$PARTY". Here are the essential specifications of our token.

$PARTY Token V2 Specifications

  • Contract Address: 0x25afD99fcB474D7C336A2971F26966da652a92bc

  • TotalSupply: 110,000,000

  • Decimal: 18

  • Name: PARTY V2

  • Symbol: PARTY

$PARTY Token V1 Specifications

  • Contract Address: 0x69A61f38Df59CBB51962E69C54D39184E21C27Ec

  • Total Supply: 110,000,000

  • Decimals: 18

  • Symbol: PARTY

  • Hash: 0x76ee3c3d78f633372a45b5c2a14bbc992e9d18d2d2db77995f3e3e6f274c63d6

  • Block Height: 3,181,006

  • Genesis Address: 0x81b42df04bfd9329ab897de2ae1b2543d68209ce

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